Elly G

Dj Elly G (real name Alyona Gurskaya)

She is one of the youngest and rapidly developing djanes. Her amazing beauty, incredible charisma and excellent musical skills is a guarantee of her success. During just one year of her career as a Dj Elly G, she visited USA (Las Vegas), UAE (Dubai), Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Indonesia (Bali), China (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangou), Hong Kong and Ukraine. She held during a year more than 50 shows. In the past, Elly G was a successful model, as well as Vice Miss of a prestigious Beauty Contest Miss Ukraine, that once again proofs her beauty and charisma. Now she is #84 in FDJ list and #7 in TOP 10 world sexiest DJs.

Party with Dj Elly G in your club or festival is always success and an explosion of emotions!
See you on the dance floor.

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